My Every Moment With (A Hotel Room in Beijing)

A Hotel Room in Beijing, 2014

Another Hotel Room in Beijing, 2016

The Other Hotel Room in Beijing, 2016 (Colour)

My Every Moment With (A Hotel Room in Beijing)

There was a 3-year time span that I travelled to Beijing frequently for work. I usually stayed for a week or two when working on big projects. To reduce the expenses, I stay at budget chain hotels. 

Every day became a routine. I went out in the morning, returned to the room after dinner, sorted out some more work, watched TV, and slept. I soon got the illusion that I had always been this person who rents a small and simple en-suite in a huge city, trying to survive.

However, I will never visit these rooms again. Despite almost forming my “new identity”, there are thousands of hotels under the same chain brand, and I can hardly remember which ones they were after I left. It is the special texture of the time I spent in the room that is significant to me — the quietness, solitude, and repetition.

After returning to the hotel room from work, I released the shutter and made a long exposure shot with a pinhole camera. The next morning, before I went to work I closed the shutter manually. I repeated it until the day I checked out. In this way, every moment I spent in the hotel room was symbolically retained on the negatives. This is to commemorate those days in A Hotel Room in Beijing.