Settle from Time to Time

Settle from Time to Time

Is time measurable? French-Jewish philosopher Henri Bergson said no to the question. In his point of view, the measurement of time, such as seconds or minutes, is merely a subjective idea rather than an objective, continuous existence.

Settle from Time to Time is an experiment exploring my personal relationship with contemporary domestic space, memory, and time. Although people travel and move a lot nowadays, domestic space is still somewhere we spend most of our time. I am interested in the time we spent in a certain space  and how it becomes part of us. 

I plan to work with the rental houses I am temporarily settling in. Knowing I will leave one day, I want to conserve my memories and time spent in them. Eventually, I find myself piecing different moments of my living space together with photographic images. Although it’s always in vain to measure time, time becomes the punctum in these two-dimensional pictures.