As Well as Elsewhere

揚州 Yangzhou

南京 Nanjing

揚州迎賓水果 Yangzhou Welcome Fruit

長白山松江河鎮 Songjianghe town of Changbai Mountain

蘇州 Suzhou

廣州 Guangzhou

天津 Tianjin

達日縣 Darlag County

福州 Fuzhou

As Well as Elsewhere 他方亦然

As Well as Elsewhere is an ongoing project forming during my business trips. 

Travelling around China, I am amazed by the similarity of hotel rooms. Even in remote villages these temporary residences share a sameness, an uncanny doubling which believe is an inheritance of the hospitality industry. 

Wandering into town after town I have never been to before, I stay in rooms that are not unfamiliar – or are they? By interacting with those spaces, I am aware of my journey to somewhere.